Good Hair Doesn't Come From A Jar™

There is no way I could find the words to describe how excited I am that you're interested in these products, let alone how excited I am to share with you the real value that they are intended to represent for your services. I started my career as slowly and aimlessly as anyone else might, and eventually found some real purpose behind the chair when I used what I'd learned from styling long hair early in my career to style men's hair as I was beginning to specialize in it. It turned out that most men had never been told what a hairdryer is really meant to do, and more often than not it produced exactly the results that many of them were looking for but were never able to get from a cleaner haircut or a stronger product.

So much of what is shared and sold in men's hair has been contingent upon the goal of faster and easier hair, because it's widely believed that men don't care enough to thoroughly style their hair, but when you look at the millions of subscribers to YouTube hairstyling channels and the pictures of expertly styled celebrities that many men bring in for inspiration to their hair appointment, it's not even disputable to say that some men really do care... A lot. I don't think any shortcomings in hairstyling started with men not caring, but I do know that it stops with the professional developing and offering what they know about styling, because while it may be intimidating to offer information that is worthless or superfluous to men who don't care, it is invaluable to men who do care. The ADH line is all about the teaching of this expertise, to connect the consumers who care a little more with the technicians who offer a little more.

If your time is valuable because of your clean fades or the experience you provide, it can only stand to become more valuable when you offer personalized lessons in thorough styling. It builds your own name as a beacon of inspiration and style to the men in your area who make their hairstyle a priority, who want more than what a haircut and an easy styling solution can give them. After seeing this help other barbers and hairstylists so much I found a new purpose, to share it with as many of them as I can. The jar is just a tangible item to represent these ideas, a business card with a promise to your customers.

Email and tell us about yourself, your salon or barbershop, your goals, etc, so we can get to know you, and you'll receive a link to some basic styling videos to get an idea of how these products are best used, and the info necessary to order it at wholesale. Our first goal is not to put the product everywhere we can, but to put the value of hairstyling into the hands of professionals who want to offer something for the men who are seeking expertly styled hair. The products only represent a promise of a more valuable service, because without sharing your expertise it's just another jar, and good hair doesn't come from a jar™.