Good Hair Doesn't Come From A Jar™

Here’s the whole situation. The first paragraph is just details about my boring life, the second paragraph is details about your haircut. Skip paragraphs as needed.

As of 2/24 (one day before due date) baby isn’t here yet, but we’ve been in the hospital a few times this week with doctors saying “this is going to be it.” Then ten to twelve hours later they send us home. She has been ordered to see a doctor just about every other day for monitoring because at one check up she had high blood pressure (but hasn’t since). Half the time she goes to these check ups, they send her to the hospital where doctors pressure her to induce. I’ve had to leave work after getting calls from my wife while she’s sitting in a delivery room saying “they sent me to a hospital, and the doctors are making me induce” and then when I race through the rest of my haircut and get over there, the doctors have changed their minds but they make us hang out for several hours with machines hooked up to her before sending us home. As of our last hospital stay, which ended around midnight last night, the doctors said Allie and baby look perfectly healthy, and that it could be any day now but it could also be late next week.

I wrote this as a sort of blanket statement to any and all friends and clients, because I suck at playing receptionist anyways, but with this paternity leave situation the need for our communication goes up while at the same time my ability to put attention into such communication is diminished. I wish I was the type to keep up with text conversations, but I’m not, I suck at it (you should know that about me already). So I’m writing all of this here and then being a total dick by sending people this link instead of thoroughly replying to texts. I know, totally rude. I’m sorry... My original plan to work right up until the baby comes and then take a clean two weeks off is now out the window. Sorry for the inconvenience. I severely underestimated how uncertain the end of a pregnancy can be. My booking site has been updated to roughly reflect my return date, but it is subject to change in the event that (God forbid) there are reasons I can’t return to work yet. After baby is here and I can stop being a stress case, I’ll dial in and nail down my return dates, including extra days to pick up the slack from this time off. In the meantime my only request is that you use that booking site, and give me a little forgiveness if I’ve bailed on your haircut (hey I’ve been warning of that possibility for 9 months!). Thank you!

For scissor cuts, texturized or stylized looks in the Corona area, I recommend Bryan at Delaine’s (951)898-5840

For traditional style cuts with fades I recommend @jakeshipwreck and for modern edgy cuts with fades I recommend @JonathanErik (both of these dudes are in Riverside)

For anything south of Corona I highly recommend the crew at in Temecula

In Orange County I recommend @JudeViola in Tustin for anything texturized or scissor based and @Hailwormatron for more traditional barber type work.

Thanks for understanding. I mean I hope that you do :)