Good Hair Doesn't Come From A Jar™

Just some extra info that I didn't want to clutter the last page with. By booking an appointment you're agreeing to these terms.

About the location
I work in a Sola Salons suite. The address is 390 N Mckinley Street Suite 116, Corona, Ca 92879. Most maps usually send people to the middle of the shopping center, but you'll find the Sola at the far west end of the center on the north side of the 91 freeway, near Home Depot. Once you enter the Sola I'll be in the second room on the left, under a sign that says "comb as you are." If you have an appointment, feel free to slide the door open and walk in, there's no need to knock with me. If I'm with another client, feel free to make yourself at home, grab a beverage, take a seat, join the conversation, and hang out with us. PLEASE do not show up here without an appointment, I do not book appointments in person, I am not there on a routine schedule and if you catch me there it's because I'm in the middle of cutting somebody else's hair, plus there are other stylists in my studio on days I am not (and they have nothing to do with my business, let's not either of us bother them). 

No shows and late policy
My booking site takes credit card information up front. The credit card on file with the booking site will only be charged (the full rate for the appointment) in the event of a no show. Showing up too late for me to do the haircut without running late on the next appointment is a no show, if either of us is rushing then neither of us get what we were looking for and we both get ripped off. Show up early, this is a fun and relaxing thing we're doing, not something to rush in or out of. Cancelling within 2 hours is a no show, once I don't have enough time left to fill the appointment I saved for you, then you bought the appointment. I know it sounds mean, but after years of grief caused by these types of scheduling issues, they are no longer allowed.

Photo disclaimer
I would love to take your photo after your haircut, but before you let me do so, I'll explain this. Any photos I take are available to you for personal use digitally (Facebook, instagram, etc) but are the technically the property of Andrew Does Hair LLC, meaning that you can not use them to advertise a product or service, and you do not have the authority to allow any other business or organization to use the image to advertise any product or service. You can not profit off of the image (i.e. sell it as a stock photo, etc). I know it seems like overkill for me to have to say this stuff, but after seeing my haircut photos used in magazine ads, on billboards, and (countless instances) on the internet to advertise other brands and organizations, I at least need to mention this before the shutter button is pressed.

Longer or shorter appointments
I don’t sell any appointments shorter than one hour, even if it’s a simple trim, because the longer time slot isn’t just about getting work done but it’s about creating a relaxed environment where we can take our time and hang out, chat, etc. My assistant and I aim to make the haircut experience less of an errand and more of an experience you look forward to. If you have very long hair and you’re concerned that an hour won’t be enough time, message me on instagram and we can figure out how to make something work out beautifully for both of us.

Kids haircuts
I will do a haircut for anyone who wants me to. I will not touch a child's (or adult's) hair if they aren't about it happening. I don't do the traumatizing experience where you hold them down while they scream and I give them a bad haircut. Sorry.

The best way to contact me
If you have any questions or concerns, please message me on Instagram. Inspiration photos are fine to message me before we meet, but until I can see your hair in person and have a chat with you I can’t quote or guarantee any specific results. Early on the day of your appointment I’ll text you at the number you use on the booking site so you will have my phone number in case you need anything the day of.