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When I started teaching classes, everyone thought I was a barber and wanted me to teach them how to use clippers better. They wanted technical instruction, and every time I shared that information I left feeling like I ripped off the whole room. I didn't get busy because I do an amazing haircut, my haircuts are mostly average, but I also didn't get busy by accident.

When I was 5 years into my career I was booked solid each day doing $25 haircuts, but I didn't know where to go after that. Reaching out to learn about how to grow past simply being busy lead me to really study and dissect the potential value in a haircut service, and as my prices were forced to raise to throttle demand and my career as an independent hairdresser grew far beyond what I could have ever imagined possible, I continued to study what was happening so I could share it with anyone who wants to know. My haircut prices more than tripled in the same salon, in the very same chair, without much help from Instagram (I still don't tell Instagram where I work) and without getting three times better technically, yet my clients were glad I raised the prices. In my classes I lecture for at least an hour about what happened to cause and feed this growth, because more than I want to teach anyone how to cut like I do, I want them to go back to work on Tuesday and be busier because of what they learned. After the lecture I'll do as many demos as I can until I collapse, we'll work all day.

I try to get out to do a class about once a month. Usually they're planned 3-4 months in advance. There are two ways I plan classes- I can charge my day rate (email me) plus travel to spend the day lecturing demoing, and doing some hands on work with your staff, but I don't advertise the class on instagram and we don't sell tickets, or we can plan a class together then advertise it on my Instagram and to split ticket sales after expenses (email me, rates vary due to location). If this all sounds good, let's get in touch and make something happen! I've said "email me" twice in this paragraph, but what I mean is "message me on Instagram."

Thank you!