Good Hair Doesn't Come From A Jar™

I'm currently selling appointments to new clients only at pop up events and guest spots, which will be announced with details on my Instagram account as they are booked. However, I am always seeking models for haircut photos in Corona, California. If you're interested in modeling, please message me a selfie on Instagram and let me dig through your profile to get a feel for your style. My ultimate goal is not to use you as a canvas for my own "art" but to make you look more like you, and I'd hate to waste your time by giving you a haircut that is outside of my specialty. You don't have to be a model or even look like one, you just have to be open to a hairstyle that is a collaboration between you and I. My job is to make you look and feel like a model.

Disclaimer: As a "haircut model" you'll get a free haircut, some free product, free head shots, and even a coffee or beer, but I'm not currently accepting new recurring clients, just one-off collaborative situations for the purposes of creating engaging photos of hair. As a "haircut model" your requests for your hair will of course be respected, but the ultimate goal is for you to fill a specific role, as a model, not as a client, for us to collaborate in creating a statement in a photo. This means I'm seeking to work with people based on the way that they look, their hair type, the way they dress, interesting tattoos, facial hair, physique, etc. If you don't feel like you have an interesting look, we'll give you interesting hair, but you have to be open to it. Ultimately willingness is key. Willingness to get a haircut you've never had before (a billion extra points for anyone willing to get a mod cut, and a million points for a tight crop or a shag), willingness to stand in front of a camera for an hour after your haircut, and willingness to enjoy a process you might not have ever experienced before.

Sometimes I need models for Instagram photos, sometimes I need models for haircut videos for (for my own cuts or for other educators). None of this happens on a fixed schedule, models are contacted as needed. Sometimes I need 5 models a week, sometimes I need one model all month. Sometimes it's in my studio, sometimes it's on location somewhere. I know it sounds like I just took all the fun out of getting a haircut in my studio, but I assure you, this process is a lot more fun for both of us than just paying for a regular haircut and going about your day :)