Good Hair Doesn't Come From A Jar™

I don't care so much about selling products or perfecting haircutting so much as I care about changing the way that the average man understands styling his hair. These days with so many social media sources playing the role of semi-present teacher to our clients, I want to encourage the professional behind every chair to be the source of a more personalized understanding, which will easily surpass any online tutorial in value.

There are millions of subscribers to men's hairstyling channels on YouTube, a sign that far too many men are left clueless as to how their hair works after they leave the salon or barbershop. It says that there are men who care more about their hairstyling than their professional realizes, and I want to put a light on this common occurrence by shouting that a personalized lesson from your barber or hairdresser is immeasurably more valuable than generalized tips found on the Internet. A jar of product is not the beginning and end of men's hairstyling, and there is nothing wrong with using a hairdryer to achieve expert results. These millions of men going to YouTube to find expertise are proof that a lesson with the hairdryer will not fall on deaf ears. In fact, I believe it will help barbers and hairdressers everywhere to raise the value of their service by offering more than technical skill and an experience, but also useful expertise tailored to the individual.

My products are not made for the average person who wants average results in less time with less effort, they are made for the person who wants remarkable results and will spend the extra three to five minutes to get them. They're not made for the barber or hairdresser who wants to bump up their retail, they're made for the barber or hairdresser who wants to make their time more valuable by offering more than a haircut and a product to their client. They're not made to get the look right then keep it there all day, they're made to get the feel right and the movement right so that the hair's natural tendencies will create unique looks on the person wearing it throughout their day. My products don't come with a promise to make the job faster or easier, they come with a promise that your professional is there for you to teach you how to be happier with your hair, because good hair doesn't come from a jar™.