Good Hair Doesn't Come From A Jarâ„¢

For over a decade I worked full time behind the chair with a focus on short hair. Near the middle of that stage in my career I developed two very simple complimentary styling products for my own use in the salon, and as Instagram helped me connect with my peers all over the world I began selling ADH products outside of my salon as a sort of physical representation of the philosophies that kept my chair full all of those years. Good hair doesn't come from a jar, it comes the haircut, the blow dry, and ultimately from understanding your hair-- and the right barber or stylist can teach you more about your hair in person than any paragraph on the internet can.

After dabbling with education I found a lot of joy in helping other stylists and barbers to improve their own careers, so I set out to write Typical Cosmetology Stuff, a book describing pivotal moments in my own career that shaped my philosophies on what a professional can offer that goes above and beyond a good haircut. The things that forced me to nearly triple my prices in the same chair without ever telling the internet where I work. This book is available to read for free on Instagram, at @ADHbook and will soon be downloadable as a PDF from At the end of 2016 I decided to put all of my effort into education, so I walked away from a salon that I loved and hundreds of clients I'd known for years to open a tiny studio where I can focus on creating content and developing curriculum. Today my work is less often behind the chair and more often behind the camera as a creative director for I started my career trying to do good haircuts, until found that good haircuts are boring and I tried to figure out how to make a haircut more valuable. Now all I want to do is share what I've learned with the rest of the industry.